Support Louth District Beekeepers

Make a donation

Donations are gratefully received and help towards the running of our apiary sites and educating the Louth community and surrounding areas from Mablethorpe to Alford in the importance of bees.

Sponsor a hive

Hive sponsorship can be a great way of businesses and individuals reduce their carbon footprint and offer something back to the local ecosystem and local community. By businesses sponsoring a hive with Louth District Beekeepers, they will be able to add something exciting and environmentally friendly to your corporate story. For individuals who might not have the time for beekeeping but are keen on the idea of it, you can sponsor a hive and still be able to occasionally visit and also receive some honey from it too! This also go for businesses who sponsor a hive.

If you are interested in sponsoring a hive you can contact our apiary manager. Hive sponsorship starts from £250 a year.

Give land to bees

We are lucky in Louth, with the Lincolnshire Wolds and wonderful open countryside, there's plenty of land for bees to find food. You can also help with the bee population by offering land for hives. Louth District Beekeepers already work with many local landowners and farmers who allow for hives to be placed on their land. If you have some land that you are willing to offer to bees and would be happy for a hive to be located on, please contact us here.

There are also ways that you can help with the local bee population even if you have a small amount of land and that is by planting bee friendly flowers and plants.